Facilitation in NRM webinar, March 2022
Explore learnings from facilitation in the management of natural resources in this 90 minute workshop.
Words by Samantha Morris

The International Association of Facilitators is holding its second workshop in a series focussing on applied facilitation.

In this workshop which focuses on natural resource management, participants will explore learnings from facilitation in the management of natural resources – our landscapes, biodiversity, soils and ecosystems.

Facilitation in the Management of Natural Resources: Shaping a future-focused approach
24 March, 2022 from 5.00 – 6.30pm AEST

Organisers are promising that punters will improve their understanding of the use and legacy of facilitation in the NRM sector; gain a stronger sense of the key issues to consider when working with community or grass-roots groups and gather new approaches to test in their own work environments

Check out the panellists.

Catherine Botta
Cath has a special interest in complex multi-party environmental disputes and is engaged regularly for potentially “tricky” situations. Cath has mediated/facilitated complex conflict situations including EPA community conference processes, development proposal disputes, and water disputes involving communities, government agencies and private companies. Cath also works extensively as a soil scientist, educator and facilitator with rural and regional communities. 

Kathleen Broderick
With over 30 years of facilitation experience in water and rivers management, Kathleen is increasingly finding her expertise is in demand. This is partly due to the loss of experienced professionals in this stop-start and spectacularly underfunded sector, and partly because the earth is heating up and people are beginning to pay attention.

Heather Collins
Heather joins us from Marlborough, Aotearoa New Zealand, where her husband grows wine. She brings a love for farming and growing, hands-on practical experience, and a wide-ranging career in the agricultural & horticultural industries.  Using her practical knowledge, facilitation skills and rural social science expertise, Heather helps communities come together.  She helps people talk about the future of their natural resources. She helps people hear and understand each other.

To Register: https://bit.ly/3KerlZN 

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