Where to find grant information in Australia

One of the most common questions we get at our grant writing workshops is where to find information about grants that are open in Australia right now. This list of resources will help grant writers stay up to date with what funding opportunities are open in Australia at any given time.

Australian Directory of Funders

Philanthropy Australia produces The Australian Directory of Funders which lists over 350 trusts and foundations. There is an annual fee to access the Directory online.

Australian Grants + Awards Facebook page

A timeline of active and current funding rounds from a variety of funders as well as grant-related news being covered in mainstream media.

Australian Government Grantslink Directory

A database of Australian Government funding programs with a focus on businesses. Always check with the funding program regarding closing dates and availability as these sometimes change after they’ve been added to the database.

Community Grants Hub

Yet another Australian Government portal for information about grants available for community projects (including, for example landcare projects on private property).

Queensland Government Grant Finder

Click the Visit button and answer a couple of questions and then be pointed to a list of suitable Queensland Government grants. Some specific Queensland grants:

Federal and State members

of parliament often manage mailing lists within their own electorates to keep people up to date with funding opportunities. You can see a list of federal members on the Australian Parliament House website.


produces a monthly grants bulletin which outlines funding opportunities. It’s not particularly targeted at community benefit projects, but to a much broader range of projects including Councils and businesses. If you have the time to scan through hundreds of pages of grants every month, it’s definitely worth the $100-odd annual subscription fee.

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