Six places to get grant information in Australia

When we’re running grant writing training, the most common question has nothing to do with the process of actually writing a grant, it’s “where can I get information about available grants from”.

So, we figured this list of Australian grant sites might help.

It’s important to stay abreast of grant announcements and the easiest way to do that is to actively search out new grants. But it is also possible to join a bunch of mailing lists (included in the list below) to notify you when something pops up.

Where to go for grant information in Australia

  • Grant Connect is an Australian Government initiative which allows you to sign up for regular notices on new grants and to access information about grants awarded. Visit
  • Community Grants Hub is also an Australian Government portal for information about grants available for community projects Visit
  • OurCommunity produces a monthly e-newsletter which outlines funding opportunities. Unfortunately, it’s not particularly targeted at community benefit projects, but to a much broader range of projects including Councils and businesses. If you have the time to read through 40 odd pages a month, it’s definitely worth the $80-odd annual subscription fee. Visit

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