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Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby © Can Stock Photo / rustyphil

Environment Restoration Fund – a new federal government program – has announced its Safe Havens grants. These grants will support the creation of new or expanded safe havens for priority threatened mammals and other threatened species.

NRM organisations, Indigenous not-for-profit corporations and Local and State agency bodies are amongst those eligible to apply.

Grants of between $500,000 and $1.8 million will cover up to 100% of project costs.

The Environment Restoration Fund – Safe Havens Grants opportunity will run over three years from 2020-21 to 2022-23. This program is part of a $10 million election commitment announced in May 2019 under the Environment Restoration Fund, which supports the creation of safe havens for threatened species.

Safe havens are areas where invasive predators such as feral cats and foxes, have been permanently removed from fenced areas and islands to provide long term protection for native wildlife.

The objective of this program is to reduce extinction risk to nationally listed threatened species through strategic expansion of the safe haven network.

The intended outcomes of the Environment Restoration Fund – Safe Havens Grants are to:

  • improve the representation of priority threatened mammal species susceptible to invasive predators within safe havens
  • create new or expanded safe havens for priority threatened mammals and other threatened species, including:
  • exclosures that provide invasive predator-free habitat 
  • islands from which key invasive species are eradicated
  • translocate priority threatened mammal species to new or existing safe havens.

While projects up to $1.8 million may be funded, only $6.788 million is available over three years for this grant.

The following species are listed as primary priorities in the funding guidelines:

 Taxon Common name Predator susceptibilityTotal number of populations in havens EPBC Act Current Location* 
Bettongia tropica Northern BettongHigh0ENQLD
Burramys parvus Mountain Pygmy-possumHigh0ENNSW and Vic
Conilurus penicillatus melibius Brush-tailed Rabbit-rat (Tiwi Islands)High0sp. is VUNT
Conilurus penicillatusBrush-tailed Rabbit-rat (Kimberley, Top End)High1sp. is VUWA
Dasyuroides byrnei   KowariHigh0VUQLD and SA
Dasyurus geoffroiiChuditch, Western QuollHigh0VUWA
Isoodon obesulus obesulusSouthern Brown Bandicoot (eastern; and south-eastern)High1ENSA, Vic and NSW
Mastacomys fuscus mordicusBroad-toothed Rat (mainland)High0VUNSW, ACT and Victoria
Mesembriomys  gouldii melvillensis Black-footed Tree-rat (Melville Island)High0VUNT
Mesembriomys gouldii gouldiiBlack-footed Tree-rat (Kimberley and mainland Northern Territory)High0ENNT and WA
Mesembriomys gouldii rattoides Black-footed Tree-rat (north Queensland)High0VUQLD
Notomys aquilo Northern Hopping-mouseHigh0VUNT
Notomys fuscusDusky Hopping-mouseHigh0VUQLD, NSW, SA and NT
Onychogalea fraenataBridled Nailtail WallabyHigh1ENNSW and Qld
Petrogale concinna canescens Nabarlek (Top End)High0ENNT
Petrogale lateralis subsp. MacDonnell Ranges populationsBlack-footed Rock-wallaby (MacDonnell Ranges), WarruHigh0VUNT, WA, SA
Petrogale lateralis subsp. West Kimberley populationsBlack-footed Rock-wallaby (west Kimberley)High0VUWA
Petrogale penicillata Brush-tailed Rock-wallabyHigh1VUVic, NSW, ACT and Qld
Petrogale xanthopus celeris Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby (central-western Queensland)High0VUQld
Petrogale xanthopus xanthopusYellow-footed Rock-wallaby (South Australia, New South Wales)High0VUSA and NSW
Phascogale caluraRed-tailed PhascogaleHigh2VUWA
Phascogale pirataNorthern Brush-tailed PhascogaleHigh0VUNT
Phascogale tapoatafa kimberleyensisBrush-tailed Phascogale (Kimberley)High0VUWA
Potorous longipesLong-footed PotorooHigh0ENVic and NSW
Potorous tridactylus tridactylusLong-nosed Potoroo (south-eastern Queensland, north-eastern New South Wales)High0VUQLD, NSW, Vic and SA
Pseudomys australisPlains MouseHigh1VUSA and NT
Pseudomys fumeus Smoky MouseHigh0ENACT, NSW and Victoria
Pseudomys novaehollandiaeNew Holland MouseHigh1VUQLD, NSW, ACT (fenced), Vic, Tas
Pseudomys oralis Hastings River MouseHigh0ENNSW and Qld
Pseudomys shortridgeiHeath MouseHigh0ENVic, SA and WA
Sminthopsis aitkeniKangaroo Island DunnartHigh0ENSA
Zyzomys maini Arnhem Rock-ratHigh0VUNT
Zyzomys palatalisCarpentarian Rock-ratHigh0ENNT
Zyzomys pedunculatus Central Rock-ratExtreme0ENNT

Applications for the Environment Restoration Fund – Safe Havens Grants close 11 January 2021. Download guidelines here. Get more information here.


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