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Grant writing training for regional Australia

If there’s one thing we love more than grant writing, it’s training others how to write winning grants. And we’ve been doing it for more than 20 years in cities and towns throughout Australia – from Cape York to Tasmania. 

Wombat Creative Director Samantha Morris has been writing grants and training others to write grants for more than 20 years with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of successful submissions under her belt. Sam has written and managed grants across land management and conservation, mental health, arts and culture, local government, small business and regional development spheres. Seriously, everything from microwaves to netballs, boats, camp drafts, festivals, fencing and reef protection have had a look-in. 

If anyone knows the ins and outs of buzzwords, budgets and bloody deadlines, it’s Sam. 

Our grant writing workshop covers where to find grants, how to write a budget, what buzz words to bring to your application, the language you absolutely must use, and project planning and development in ten very easy steps. 

Our grant writing seminars are highly interactive and aimed at people working on community or not for profit projects across any theme, with a focus on how projects of many types impact community sustainability – whether that be through the economy, recreation, tourism, environment or people.  

About Wombat Creative grant writing training for regional communities

Grant writing workshops

We generally run our workshops for a host organisation who pays the fee and covers travel costs for our presenter. There’s a set workshop delivery fee and usually, community members attend at no cost. Our workshops are most commonly hosted by local government, regional development or progress associations or peak bodies representing sectors of society. Depending on the space available at your venue, we can run a workshop for anywhere from ten to 200 people over the course of 3 or 4 hours.

We use practical, real-life examples of projects and programs that your community is seeking funds for. We use actual guidelines from funding bodies to show attendees what assessors are looking for, and we offer free follow-up support and advice to anyone who’s attended one of our workshops.

We’ve delivered more than 400 of these workshops to more than 6,000 people over the past 25 years and many of them have been in rural and remote locations.

One-on-one mentoring for grant writing

In addition to grant writing workshops, we offer one-on-one or small team mentoring for not for profit groups or community programs. This is delivered through an initial 90min introduction session and then half hourly mentoring sessions which focus on specific skill sets related to grant writing. This service is charged at an hourly rate with a fixed schedule of mentoring agreed upfront. Sessions also cover strategic grant writing for organisations, reporting and acquittal. Mentoring can take place in person or remotely via Skype or Zoom.

Wordsmithing and value-adding for grants

Once you’ve found your feet as a grant writer, we’re available to wordsmith and value-add to your already written application. This service is charged at an hourly rate. 

How to book a grant writing service

It’s easy. Just shoot us an email and we’ll take it from there.

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