Cross Connections – 3 tips for grant success

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In the world of grand funding, sponsorship or scholarships, funding bodies will always aim to achieve the most bang for their buck. If your project can offer them that, the money is yours.

One of the first questions you should ask yourself when embarking on a project is: Who can I partner with to access grant funding? Making key connections within your community and maintaining network partnerships can really provide leverage when it comes to grant application outcomes.

Regardless of which sector you operate in, whether it be education, indigenous matters, environment or the arts, there are endless opportunities to cross collaborate and build your project into a huge success.

We see it all the time in our grant writing workshops. Community members from a variety of organisations come together to learn the tricks of the grant writing trade and form connections. In front of our eyes, collaborations are born and projects that were previously ineligible for funding suddenly become possible.

Another way to source funding outside of your sector might be to change your project delivery method.  For example, an environmental campaign might be turned into photographic project and be eligible for arts funding.

Another way to secure funding for large or complicated projects may be to identify multiple sources of funding for separate elements of the one overall project.  There are pitfalls to be mindful of when attempting this, however you can be very successful if you can leverage one part of your project to gain support for another.  Reading grant guidelines carefully will help you determine if this strategy is appropriate or not.

For more information about grant writing workshops in your area, please contact Samantha Morris.

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